Barracuda Tank Top

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The water was beautifully clear and I was sitting on a nice patch of reef at 60' when I looked to my left to find a 4ft barracuda swimming into me. Keeping my cool, I  allowed the situation to transpire and for the next 30 seconds, this creature swam circles around me - our eyes locked.  

Too often do we go about our days apart from the natural world that makes us who we are, but it is moments like these that ground us in feeling a part of nature. This design is about being bold, getting outside your comfort zone, and enjoying the humbling effect the natural world can have on all of us. 

  • This tank top helps raise and restore 5 oysters into Moriches Bay, LI. 
  • 100% Cotton - Crisp, breathable, and ready for your next adventure. 


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