Ripples Make Waves Crop Top Hoodie - Sage

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Our embroidered Ripples Make Waves crop top hoodie is a reminder that every effort, no matter how small, helps in the creation of a cleaner tomorrow. Each crop top hoodie plants 30 oysters back into our bay, cleaning up to 1,500 gallons of seawater daily.

Every relic order is delivered with carbon neutral shipping and compostable packaging.

  • 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester
  • Fleece Lined Inside
  • Relaxed Comfy Fit
  • 6.5 Oz

Size: Body Length | Chest Width | Sleeve Length

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Our ocean supports all life on Earth and we can not survive without it. We are working hard to counteract the effect of human development and pollution in our Northeastern waters. By restoring oyster reefs, we can help prevent coastal erosion, marine habitat loss, and massive fish kills due to eutrophication. Click here to learn more about our bay restoration mission.

every relic item = 30 oysters restored

Together we planted:

269,850 OYSTERS

These tiny bivalves are capable of filtering up to 13,490,000 gallons of seawater daily.

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