Fighting plastic pollution together.

By establishing beach clean up stations, we can facilitate voluntary trash pick up and better waste management by beachgoers.

The Coastal Collaborative is built around involving our beaches' stakeholders as part of a solution:


Municipal Partners


Local Sponsors


Beach Sites

Long Island's Beach Clean Up Stations

How do clean up stations fight pollution?

Thousands of Cleanups: Our stations turn typical beach-walks into trash cleanup opportunities everyday. Our reporting program and social media interactions confirm that dozens of cleanups are now happening around Long Island daily.

Better Trash Management: Acting like a temporary trash bag, each basket gives beachgoers the opportunity to better manage their waste while at the beach. We've seen first hand how our baskets prevent cans, bottles, and other debris from ending up on our beaches.

Awareness: Each station serves as a permanent reminder of the on-going effort to keep our spaces clean and usable for future generations. With the enjoyment of our shared spaces comes the responsibility to help protect and preserve them.



Only by coming together, can we make the needed changes in the fight against coastal pollution. Grab a basket and join us and thousands of others in the collective effort to keep our most valuable resource safe and usable for future generations.

Designed Durably

Why Relic Clean up stations?

It is our goal to build a long lasting program that continues to improve and innovate on community driven pollution efforts year after year.

Built Stronger: Our stations are designed by engineers and built by hand with premium materials; stainless hardware, weather-shielding, and quality lumber - we are prepared for nor'easters.

Carefully Maintained: Our team checks in on every station multiple times a year - even throughout the winter months. When community members let us know that repairs are needed, or if baskets are missing, we prioritize fixing the problem as soon as possible.

Baskets Are Better: These aren't ordinary shopping baskets - made of recycled plastic in the US, each basket can carry over 50lbs of trash. Stackable and weather-proof, our baskets are ready for trash pickup year-round.

Entirely funded by the community

60+ LOcal Sponsors

The sole source of funding for this program comes from our sponsorship program, where local businesses can showcase their support on their local cleanup station.

We'd love to hear from you - Interested in sponsoring or stewarding a station?