Beach Pick Up Initiative

The East End of Long Island is home to many beautiful beach ecosystems. Through a partnership with the Village of Westhampton Beach, Relic has introduced two beach clean up stations located at Rogers and Lashley Beach.
With the help of our sponsor SMI/DRS, we are currently establishing 10 more clean up stations. Four of these stations will be on the North Shore in Riverhead, and the remaining six will be along Dune Road (WHB Dunes, Pike's, Hot Dog Beach, ...). A huge thanks to SMI/DRS for helping us spread our mission and for their continuous support of our brand and environmental goals!
We are ALL stakeholders in our environment and with YOUR help we can continue to sustain our local ecosystems for future generations. Beach Trash Fun Fact: Beach Trash that travels into the ocean kills more than one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles each year through ingestion and entanglement.
To receive a 10% discount off Relic's Sustainable Apparel:
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2) Tag @relic-design and #whbBeachPickUp
SMI/DRS and Relic